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63.73 lakh youth unemployed, 27 percent of the population suffering from poverty

Digital Desk, Nagpur 54.21 percent of Vidarbha youth are struggling with unemployment. Due to the absence of employment, social and economic status is being adversely affected. Official statistics show that 63 lakh 73 thousand youth are unemployed in Vidarbha. Similarly, 27 per cent of the population in Vidarbha is suffering from poverty, compared to other states in Vidarbha, the monthly income per person has been recorded at Rs 1673, whereas in the state the per capita monthly income is 2117 rupees. How would the Vidarbhabas live on minimum income? This can be judged. In the Human Development Index, it has become very important to remove the backwardness of Vidarbha.


Worse state than West Maharashtra and Konkan

Comparison of per capita monthly income in Vidarbha, when we do from other parts of Maharashtra, our position is worse than Western Maharashtra and Konkan. In this context, in the year 2012, Dr Sukhdev Thorat, former chairman of the UGC, analyzed the statistics of economic survey and highlighted many shocking details. Despite this, no special change has been noticed in Vidarbha's situation. Vidarbha has 35 percent urbanization. Statistics show that in per person monthly income, Vidarbha is stuck at Rs 1673, whereas in West Maharashtra Rs 2057, Rs 3050 in Konkan, Rs 1561 in Marathwada and Rs 1615 in Khandesh. We are backward even in poverty figures Poverty in West Maharashtra and Konkan is 9%, Marathwada 22%, Khandesh 29% and Vidarbha 27% people are poor.

... then the young power will shatter

On the one hand, due to unemployment in Vidarbha, on the other hand, graph of crime has started to grow, on the other hand, problems like minimizing wages, migration of laborers, drunkenness, rising evidence of suicides, crushing conditions of farming etc. are emerging and weakening the power of youth. If the concrete steps are taken not taken seriously by the situation of youth during the time, then this young power will be disintegrated.

45.79 percent youths work here

The population of Vidarbha is about 17.15 million. Of these, 45.79 percent of young people work. That means 53.81 lakh young people have got some employment available for their livelihood. In contrast, 54.21 percent ie 63 lakh 73 thousand youth are unemployed. Many young people are not able to get jobs even after getting higher education. However, the number of non-working people is also included in the elderly and the Divyan.

Backlog is the main reason

The proper development of Maharashtra was not given special attention. This leads to a backlog in education, employment, agriculture, irrigation, industry etc. in Vidarbha. Due to the imbalance in physical and economic progress, Vidarbha was abnormal. This is the reason why educated youth do not want to cultivate due to farming being harmful. At the same time, the less educated youth can not get a good job by visiting the outer states or cities, so they crave for wages. Cases such as crime, drug abuse and reservation are being highlighted due to unemployment. The government has its own limitations. Government jobs have reduced in every sector. Due to privatization, now the youth will have to turn to agricultural supplementary employment and industries instead of relying on jobs. (IZ Khobragade, retired IAS officer, Maharashtra government)

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