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Items will be increased after the budget 2019 | RojgarYojna

Finance Minister  Mr.Piyush Goyal has presented an meantime india's budget of 2019. From this budget, the common citizens were expecting a lot from the Modi Government and it was believed that this final budget going to be presented in the Modi government's tenure would be a relief for the people. Although some things became expensive after the budget, then there are some things cheaper.

Items will be increased after the budget 2019
Items will be increased after the budget 2019

While presenting the budget, the Modi government has announced several important announcements by the Interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal. In which the common man can get great relief in buying a house. According to the announcement, buying a house can now be cheaper, besides compensation for land acquisition will be tax-free. At the same time the farmers have given the budget to be declared anti-budget. In the budget presented on Friday, the central government had brought several schemes to woo farmers. It also includes a scheme to send financial assistance of Rs 6,000 per year directly to their account by creating a respect fund for farmers having less than two hectares of land. This scheme of central government has not liked farmers of western UP. Apart from this, farmers are also saying that the financial assistance of 2% for the farmers affected by natural calamities and 3% of the loan for timely payment of loans is also inadequate. Farmers say that they wanted them to get a reasonable price for their produce. The seeds were cheap and the increased rates of electricity were low. Farmer Naresh Pratap Singh, a resident of village Katha, says that the price of 100 per cent procurement rules becomes possible on the support price of the crops. Farmer Bunny Singh said that the government is trying to get the votes of farmers by giving greed to 500 rupees. Now the budget is not as expected. Farmer Ramshan Agarwal said that the irrigation of two bigha crops can not be done with oil of five hundred rupees. Nagla Tal resident farmer Bobby Singh said that the government would help in the form of debt waiver but in the name of nominal financial help the farmers should not have made fun of them. Farmer Manish Sengar says the budget has disappointed. The government had a lot of hope in the election year but in the mouth of the camel found, Manvendra Singh Sanger said that like the Kamdhenu scheme, the scheme of dairy management is going on in the past. It has not benefited the farmers. The government wanted the villagers to make a concrete policy for conservation of animals. Farmer Om Prakash says that the government talks to farmers before making budget and then steps to resolve. The scheme is not going to be beneficial for the farmers.

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