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Analytics Data science and IOT Lead

Job title: Analytics Data science and IOT Lead


Job description: Responsibilities

  • Understand overall business strategies, vision, plans and specific requirements to align with Data Science efforts
  • Agree with the client on the acceptance criteria and communicate to the team
  • Make sure the team understands business processes and data
  • Manage EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), data provisioning / cleansing, data preprocessing, data management and creation of training datasets
  • Ensure that appropriate and correct modeling techniques are used
  • Guide the team in the deployment of the statistical model using the technology of customer preference
  • Ensure Data Pipeline, Machine Learning Pipeline and Monitoring activities are defined for continuous integration, continuous development and continuous testing
  • Act as the go-to person for all issues in the machine learning lifecycle
  • Collaborate with IT and sales teams to effectively operationalize models
  • Provide continuous monitoring through the system and give advice to refine / reconstruct models
    Role offers<br>  <ul> <li>Opportunity to join a global team to do meaningful work that contributes to global strategy and individual development</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Reimagine, redesign and apply technology to add value to the business and operations</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Multiple opportunities to showcase candidates' strong analytical skills and problem-solving ability</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Ways to grow as an individual and expand domain knowledge so that you can add value</li> </ul>  <b>Essential skills</b><br>  <ul> <li>Provide expert advice on identifying patterns in the data.  This includes having a keen eye for pattern detection and anomaly detection.</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Machine learning and deep learning: hands-on experience</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Experience with natural language processing techniques</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Practical experience with SQL</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Practice of statistical software packages (for example, R, Python, SAS or SPSS)</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>At least one cloud platform experience (e.g. Azure, AWS, or GCP)</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Exposure to natural language generation</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Data Narration: Communicate actionable insights using data, often for a non-technical audience.</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Business intuition: connect with stakeholders to gain a full understanding of the problem at hand</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Interpersonal skills: communicate with a diverse audience at all levels of an organization.</li> </ul>  <b>Essential qualification</b><br>  <ul> <li>BSc / BA in computer science, engineering or a relevant field;  a graduate degree in statistics or another quantitative field is preferred</li> </ul>  <ul> <li>Preferred PhD in Data Science / Statistics</li> </ul>

Expected salary:

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Job date: Tue, 05 Oct 2021 07:35:08 GMT

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