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Benovymed Healthcare – AVP/Director/Regional Manager – Business Operations

Job title: Benovymed Healthcare – AVP/Director/Regional Manager – Business Operations


Job description: It is not a job opportunity.

The job you can get with any business, but a million dollar high challenge A long term career growth opportunity that you just can’t get everywhere.

1) Position:

AVP / Director / Regional Manager / Country Head / GM / Manager -Business Operation-India / Global- Global Digital Health Startup.

2) Job description:

Role & Responsibility:

i) Work as AVP / Director / Regional Director / Country Manager / GM / Manager – Medical Business Operations / Business Operations – India / Global to be based in our new upcoming global headquarters in Delhi, India. The compensation package of the job based on your expertise in the field, your expertise / business execution ability as an entrepreneur mindset, one-handed role and as a leader team to work with limited resources, and what you bring to the table with deadlines, a business goal, and commitment.

ii) Required to be an entrepreneur and have managed zero to MM $ business operations and have worked / worked in patient care / medical case management or operating a medical business in a hospital / HealthTech / organization Early Stage Reputable Healthcare / Growth Stage Digital Health / Health IT / Health Startup / Large Indian Company / Fast Growing MNC in HealthTech / Healthcare.

3) Diploma:

At least B.Sc / M.Sc /B.Pharma / B.Tech from reputable institutes with scientific, bioscientific and technological knowledge.



Preferably with MBA but not required.

4) Experience:

At least 2-20 years in-depth professional experience in managing business operations in patient practice or in hospital medical business operations / early stage healthcare startup / growing in business model subscription to the SaaS cloud platform B2B, B2B2C and OU B2C model in Digital Health OR Business Model subscription B2B, B2B2C and OU B2C model in HealthTech / Healthcare company.

5) Place of work:

In our upcoming new global headquarters, Global Technology Development Center, Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Center, Delhi NCR, India.

But, probably initially working remotely from home due to COVID-19 and all positions based in Delhi / Bangalore / Mumbai-India or Global Location.

International Regional HQ Business Location Globally.

6) CCT:

Compensation Benefits Package:

CTC and Position Best in the Industry may include engaging stocks / ESOPs depending on what you bring to the table with your written engagement as an actor. Several positions depending on your experience and qualification.

This opportunity and benefits package complies with our terms and conditions.

This is a high growth career opportunity that is only ideal for those who have the ability to take risks, take big challenges, and have the ability to rapidly grow the organization as a driver of high growth with an entrepreneurial mindset.

7) Join:

At once.

8) Note: If you are sure you meet the mandatory conditions. So apply now and not later.

DO NOT APPLY if you are looking for a consultant / mentor / freelance / project outsourcing company / part time job or looking for a safe mode opportunity for traditionally paid employees.

9) Our product and product line:

We have a range of innovative technology products and innovative solutions delivered via mobile / web app on our game-changing cloud-based digital health platform that will go beyond current medical practices and be grounded in scientific evidence over actionable data. focused on prevention, early detection, treatment, consultation, clinical decision, disease management areas of the top 5 chronic diseases (including top 20 cancerous diseases | diabetes | heart disease | mental health | COPD) and the management of COVID-19 pandemic on a global scale to impact the lives of billions of people around the world as quickly as possible -growth @ 51.3% CAGR in the few trillions of the global AI health market and the global chronic disease market.

Our DeepTech startup founded on the heart of R & D as our series Digital Health Startup Entrepreneur, StartupGuru & Founder & CEO & Head R & D | Head of AI health innovation | Director of Business Strategy I The Director of Digital Health has grown over the course of his 27 years of solid experience in health technologies in the field of science and technology. Global Market Players in No Time “Just as the smart phone company demonetized / replaced all of the button phone companies, the big giants, in the world.”

10) About us:

Please visit us:

Benovymed Healthcare is in the Global Top 20 and # 1 in India for digital health, AI Deep Tech, healthcare innovation and telemedicine. An Indian global tech start-up, a healthcare organization of Indian origin working in 30 countries including India.

Benovymed is developing the world’s leading center for R&D and innovation in AI health, which will be the world’s No. 1, world-class and at the cutting edge of technology. Technology Development Center, Global Center for Healthcare R&D and AI Innovation in Delhi, India. Powered by: Benovymed R & D and AI Health Innovation Lab.

Benovymed grows from its grassroots foundation of over 27 years of experience as a digital health start-up entrepreneur from its founder and CEO with a multiple role in digital health, AI health, medical technology in health care a strong R&D in the 360-degree fields of medicine, AI health and health. Corporate Strategy Think Tank Lab the world’s leading healthcare R&D and AI innovation laboratory with cutting-edge center of excellence (COE) to revolutionize digital health | AI Health | Telemedicine through innovation to solve over 1000 complex issues in our local to global health system in different local settings.

In line with our 5-year business plan, over the next 5 years, we will have our presence in 120 countries around the world with our more than 2,000 game-changing, disruptive innovative technology products and new solutions, all driven by AI Health, which will replace many large existing players in the world. , to turn Benovymed’s # 1 global AI health organization in India with over $ 100 billion in market valuation into a truly growing global AI health company in the fastest growing industry. fast at the rate of 61.3% of the emerging global trillion dollar AI health market where there is no supply and demand above the sky.

We are actors and make the impossible possible for a healthier world.

We will seek to join us 25 Think Tanks in our areas of expertise at 360 degrees | 200 Physicians and Medical Researchers and 250 Data Scientists | AI Scientists Health Researchers | and with a total of over 5000 Professional Growth Drivers with over 2000 IT professionals | 2000 Business development | Marketing and Sales | Global operations from the mindset of high energy entrepreneurs (not traditional employees) of the world’s top technology and research institutes over the next 5 years Schedule at our next global headquarters in India, Global Technology Development Center and Benovymed R & D and AI Health Innovation Lab to work on thousands of complex issues in healthcare to make changes in healthcare to impact the lives of billions of people around the world to support our agenda national “Make in India” by solving the local problems of each country, local challenges and global issues on a global scale.

“We are the pride of India” Our passionate Founder and CEO is bringing about a change in the healthcare ecosystem by building India over the past 27 years to impact the lives of billions of people around the world .

Our Founder & CEO & Organizational Promoter Mahendra Singh is a Visionary and Passionate DeepTech Startup Entrepreneur in Digital Health Tech, Digital Health Doctor and is the 30 Most Influential Global Leader in Digital Health Innovation in the World , in AI health and telemedicine with over 27 years. excellence by revolutionizing through innovation in digital health technologies, AI health and telemedicine in India and around the world in this space, providing its excellence in healthcare to thousands of doctors, clinics, hospitals and medical research universities around the world including India benefiting millions of patients worldwide across It has launched some of the most disruptive innovative game changers , over 90 digital health technology products and innovative solutions and has now developed the world’s first most comprehensive digital health platform, AI Health for a global market including India.

If you are passionate about building and growing our business, enjoy taking on challenges, stepping out of the comfort zone, strong ability to endure pain now and high rewards afterwards, domain expertise, solving a complex problem in real life, Go-getter, if you are an entrepreneur, passionate think tank, and experts in the field then join us to become the main growth engines of Benovymed Healthcare.

Women-friendly workplace:

Maternity and paternity benefits

Expected salary:

Location: India

Job date: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 05:08:14 GMT

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