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Lead I – Software Engineering

Job title: Lead I – Software Engineering

Company: UST Global

Job description: Job description:

Role skill:

Act creatively to develop applications and select appropriate technical options by optimizing the maintenance and performance of application development by using design patterns and reusing proven solutions to accommodate the development activities of others

Results: * Interpret the design of the application / features / components to develop them according to specifications.

  • Code debug test document and communicate product / component / feature development stages.
  • Validate the results with user representatives; integrates and puts into service the global solution
  • Select the appropriate technical options for development, such as reuse, enhancement or reconfiguration of existing components or creation of own solutions
  • Optimizes efficiency, costs and quality.
  • Influence and improve customer satisfaction
  • Set FAST goals for the car / team; provide feedback on team members’ FAST goals

Outcome measures: * Compliance with engineering processes and standards (coding standards)

  • Respect of project schedule / deadlines
  • Number of technical problems discovered during the execution of the project
  • Number of faults in the code
  • Number of defects after delivery
  • Number of non-compliance issues
  • On-time completion of mandatory compliance training

Expected results :

Code: * Code according to design

  • Follow coding standards templates and checklists
  • Review the code – for the team and peers

Documentation: * Create / review template design / process / development guideline standards checklists

  • Create / review deliverables. Design documentation and test cases / requirements results

Configure: * Define and govern the configuration management plan

  • Ensure team compliance

Testing: * Examine and create unit test cases and their execution

  • Review the test plan created by the test team
  • Provide clarification to the test team

Field Suitability: * Advise software developers on the design and development of features and components with a thorough understanding of the business problem being addressed for the client.

  • Learn more about the customer area by identifying opportunities to provide a valuable addition to customers
  • Complete relevant field certifications

Manage the project: * Manage the delivery of modules and / or manage user stories

Manage faults: * Carry out RCA and mitigation of faults

  • Identify defect trends and take proactive measures to improve quality

Estimation: * Create and provide data for effort estimation for projects

Manage knowledge: * Consume and contribute to project-related documents from share point libraries and client universities

  • Review reusable documents created by the team

Release: * Run and monitor the release process

Design: * Contribute to the creation of design (HLD LLD SAD) / architecture for applications / functionalities / business components / data models

Interface with the client: * Clarify requirements and provide guidance to the development team

  • Present design options to customers
  • Carry out product demonstrations

Manage the team: * Set FAST goals and provide feedback

  • Understand the aspirations of team members and provide guidance opportunities, etc.
  • Make sure the team is engaged in the project

Certifications: * Obtain relevant field / technology certification

Examples of skills: * Explain and communicate the design / development to the client

  • Perform and evaluate test results against product specifications
  • Break down complex problems into logical components
  • Develop enterprise user interface software components
  • Use data models
  • Estimate the time and effort required to develop / debug features / components
  • Perform and evaluate tests in the customer or target environment
  • Make quick decisions on technical / project challenges
  • Manage a team mentor and manage people issues in a team
  • Maintain high motivation levels and positive team dynamics.
  • Interface with other designer teams and other parallel practices
  • Set goals for yourself and your team. Provide feedback to team members
  • Create and articulate impactful technical presentations
  • Track a high level of business etiquette in emails and other business communications
  • Conduct conference calls with clients answering client questions
  • Proactively ask and offer help
  • Ability to work under pressure determine the risks of addictions facilitate planning; manage multiple tasks.
  • Build trust with customers by meeting on-time deliverables with quality.
  • Estimate the time and effort required to develop / debug features / components
  • Make appropriate use of software / hardware.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Examples of knowledge:

Knowledge examples * Appropriate software / modules

  • Functional and technical design
  • Programming languages ​​- mastery of several skill groups
  • DBMS
  • Operating systems and software platforms
  • Software development lifecycle
  • Agile – Scrum or Kanban methods
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Modeling technology and languages
  • Interface Definition Languages ​​(IDL)
  • Knowledge of the customer domain and in-depth understanding of the sub-domain where the issue is resolved

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Expected salary:

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Job date: Sun, 03 Oct 2021 07:42:02 GMT

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