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National RM; Corporate Relationship Management

Job title: National RM; Corporate Relationship Management

Company: DBS Bank

Job description: As a leading bank in Asia, DBS Consumer Banking Group is in a unique position to help our clients achieve their dreams and ambitions. As the market leader in personal banking, DBS offers a full range of products and services, including deposits, investments, insurance, mortgages, credit cards and personal loans, to help our customers. to achieve their dreams and aspirations at every stage of life. Our financial solutions aren’t just the best on the market, they’re made for you

Job objective:

  • Establish a strong DBS franchise in existing and new markets by delivering the vision and business strategies of the bank’s corporate salary segment for acquisition revenue generation, portfolio management and customer focus.
  • Be the face of the bank and a key contact for parties and external authorities in order to establish a solid relationship in existing and new markets and ensure compliance with operational policy

Main Responsibilities:

· Establish the DBS franchise in emerging markets while helping to locate the business in existing branches.

Design and implement strategies to establish and develop the company’s salary segment and meet various business parameters – income, acquisition, salary accounts, UL, MF, FX, mortgage, insurance, portfolio management, customer engagement and activation

Create and build a strong sales and service distribution team in new markets as well as existing branches

· Create a strong sales process, governance controls, mandatory training and increase productivity.

Get the team to have maximum penetration of the existing portfolio and use out-of-the-box growth thinking and hacking strategies for exponential growth.

· Formulate and execute a solid acquisition strategy of Treasures, Treasures Elite, NR and IBG to establish a strong distribution connection in emerging branches.

Formulate key business levers to establish the business in emerging markets in line with the bank’s overall corporate salary distribution strategy, including tools such as marketing offices, experience center, alliances tactics with ecological partners, phygital acquisition models that would help us to increase the Company.

· Collaborate with other companies to ensure high cross-selling ratios and a unique banking approach.

· Ensure that all aspects of risk and governance of the branch are respected; monitor compliance issues and proactively highlight / escalate any risky event.

People management skills with a high level of employee engagement

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Create a strong distribution team for salary sales in new and existing branches.
  • Develop a strategy and execute a strong acquisition plan aimed at establishing the bank in all branches.
  • Set goals and a specific agenda for the teams and develop a strategic plan to achieve

· The company’s commercial salary objectives.

· Implement exceptional customer service standards and achieve a high customer satisfaction score.

· Establish systems and processes in all branches to ensure internal operational risk compliance is in place.

· Foster the achievement of salary sales, portfolio and income / profitability goals of the company.

Maintain strong relationships with local KDMs in companies and ensure compliance with operational policy.

Provide input and field support to the operations team to ensure administrative and business processes are formulated across all branches and followed.

Experience required:

· 15+ years of relevant experience in the corporate salary segment with at least 10 years of building leadership and management teams.

· Experience in the banking and financial sector would be an asset.

Strong sales management and leadership skills

· Good motivation, people management and interpersonal skills.

· Excellent written and oral English.

Expected salary:

Location: New Delhi

Job date: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 06:44:06 GMT

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