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Principal Consultant-Head of SeMT- Uttarakhand

Job title: Principal Consultant-Head of SeMT- Uttarakhand

Company: National Institute for Smart Government

Job description: Roles and responsibilities Position – Appointment of the head of the SeMT-Department of the main consultant – SeMT / Nodal state agency reports to -Secretary of state IT / Post code of the agency designated by the head of state – PC / SEMT
Objective of the work
The objective of this position is to assist the IT Department of the State / e-Governance in the overall management of the State’s e-Governance mission. The incumbent will oversee the functioning of the SeMT team made up of professionals from the fields of program management, finance, technology and change management, etc. NeGD for the successful implementation of NeGP and other state e-governance programs. The Head of SeMT will report to the Secretary of State for Informatics / E-Governance / Designated Nodal State Agency, where the SeMT is placed, with a dotted line reporting to the President and CEO, NeGD .
Primary responsibilities
Program management

  • Drive the implementation of various MMPs, NeGP components and other state projects and report any issues / slippage to higher authorities
  • Ensure that the various e-governance projects under development are in alignment with the general objectives of the NeGP
  • Help with the overall assessment of e-governance projects.
  • Develop and establish an appropriate program monitoring framework for the State under the direction of the IT / e-governance department of the State and the NeGD
  • Assist in the procurement of materials / services required for various e-governance projects

SEMT management

  • Oversee the operation of SeMT and ensure that it is able to appropriately meet the requirements of the state government in the implementation of NeGP
  • Prioritize and allocate available resources / work to EMT staff to ensure efficient service delivery within the defined structure
  • Clearly establish performance goals for SeMT staff based on their assigned roles
  • Identify the development needs of EMT staff and ensure that specific and needs-based training interventions are administered

Interagency coordination

  • Interact with the State e Governance Apex Committee and other relevant governance bodies to identify their issues and concerns regarding matters related to the implementation of NeGP
  • Provide input to the State E-Governance Apex Committee and other relevant governance bodies on various e-governance related issues and help them understand and analyze policy guidance issued by various central bodies / committees / NeGD, etc.
  • Support the State e Governance Apex Committee in resolving interdepartmental coordination issues related to technical, architectural, support, interdependence, standards, security, basic, support or shared infrastructure issues, etc.

Capacity Building

  • Help the different departments of the state government to put in place an appropriate project management structure and a dedicated team to conceptualize and undertake e-governance projects in their departments
  • In close coordination with the CBMC, assist the state government in addressing issues related to capacity building and training needs.
  • Financial direction
  • Ensure the financial evaluation of project reports received from the various State services
  • Manage the financial affairs of the SeMT and provide regular contributions to the IT / NeGD State Secretariat.

Technology management

  • Proactively use the services of SeMT technology experts and actively seek assistance from the NeGD technology team, to provide assistance to States on technology-related issues


  • Ensure that the requirements of state departments in areas such as preparation of EoI / RFP / Contract / PPP and other related matters are duly taken into account
  • Identify departmental change management needs and formulate change management strategies in consultation with state IT department / IT company / external consultants
  • Support the state government in the deployment of awareness and communication efforts under the NeGP

In addition to the main responsibilities above, the incumbent may be assigned any other duties from time to time by the IT Secretary of State / Head of Node Agency.
Education Desired skills and experience
Essential criteria BE / B. Tech. / MCA Desirable criteria after graduation: MBA / M / Tech. The qualification may be relaxed in the case of exceptionally experienced candidates 15 years and more of experience in managing IT projects and implementation roles. At least 4/5 years of experience in the development and management of large scale end-to-end IT / e-governance projects. Experience working in a government structure is desirable. Exposure to various management techniques and capacity building.
For more details on current e-governance projects, please visit the following NeGD website

  • The salary will depend on the candidate’s current salary.


Other details

Expected salary:

Location: Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Job date: Sat, 30 Oct 2021 07:10:35 GMT

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