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Purchase Assistant

Job title: Purchase Assistant

Company: Park controls and communications ltd.

Job description: Qualification: Any graduate (preferably in electronics) Experience: 0.6 to 2 years Job summary
job description
Gathering of all material withdrawals / requests received each day on a weekly basis for the total list of components required for the week by the warehouse worker Preparation of quotation requests from affected suppliers for the list of components in the material request Sending quotation to suppliers in accordance with the list of components in the material request Ensure receipt of supplier quotes within 7 working days Preparation of cost comparison statement for all components Obtain appropriate cost of individual components for reference from sources online Arrive at the list of suppliers with the lowest cost for the required components Negotiate with the suppliers for a further reduction in prices, credit terms and delivery times Release the purchase order for procurement Receive material from the suppliers making sure that all documents such as the Challan delivery, the invoice, etc. and documents with the package Delivery of the package ge (without opening) and documents to the stores to verify the accuracy of the supply according to the purchase order Follow-up with the stores to ensure the timely acceptance of the components received by arranging an inspection by the penetrator Receive documents from the stores and send them to the accounting department Periodic follow-up with suppliers to obtain an estimate in relation to the request for an estimate Periodic follow-up with suppliers to obtain deliveries according to the accepted delivery time Supplier management to answer questions about payment, return and replacement of rejected material, etc. Prepare the report of payments to be given to suppliers based on their agreed payment terms and update them weekly and forward to accounts Also increase the list of payments to be released with management from time to time to ensure supplier satisfaction Material requests received by Excel should be properly stored and archived in an electronic copy format Weekly material request data should be properly stored and archived in electronic format Quote requests sent to suppliers should be stored and archived both on paper in the relevant files and in electronic format. Weekly comparative report to be filed systematically on paper and in electronic copy for easy reference. Check the Excel sheet containing the details of material requests, receipt of material, base price of material, applicable taxes, customs duties, if applicable for the accuracy of the data entered by the storekeeper

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Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Job date: Sat, 30 Oct 2021 04:45:49 GMT

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