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Company: HDFC Bank

Job description: Job description :

A. Sales:

Maintain daily sales report
CH 106 and CH 104 Appeal
a. Structured bundle of products and services to the customer within defined deadlines
Ensure a new quality acquisition on SA and CA for Resident / Non-Resident
a. Entrances
b. Wallet
vs. Sponsorships (Friends / Family Members / Associates)
D. Attrition control
I. Includes client persuasion to continue and, if necessary, renew FDs
ii. Go deeper into cross-selling sticky products like Demat, Bill Pay, Advisory.
iii. Ensure the quality of the relationship while reporting. Must be able to maintain eligibility
iv. Regular contact with the client to establish client needs and cross-sell opportunities
v. Monitor large amount movements and account closings from deposit accounts and make sure the client is not upset
vi. Ensure that the possible attractiveness marketing analysis list is called up and kept
Penetration of savings accounts on non-responsible clients
Spread the benefits of not being on the DNC registration list in case a non-wallet client chooses
Use commercial resources (BDR / COEX) for optimal commercial support
Penetration of FD to unique customers
Use Data-mine for cross-selling
Sale of various credit cards
a. Activation
b. Pitch for improving limits
vs. Promote active use of credit cards: make sure the customer has a complementary card for family members
Sales of third-party products to customers
a. MF / Insurance / RBI bonds
b. Ensure required certifications are performed (NISM VA)
Asset product sales
Disseminate product information
Activation: To ensure that all savings and checking accounts (excluding ABM branches) opened during the month are activated according to the product definition at the end of the following month. All of these accounts must maintain more than the required AMB
LTD a / cs activation: to ensure that all LTD accounts are activated and remain in the same state month after month.
a. Maintain the list of active and inactive clients for CA and SB and engage with clients for balance building and cross-selling.
b. Calling customers who have not made a transaction and who know the reasons.
vs. Report to BM / Product any change in market situation / threat of competition due to which customers have gone out of business.
Company salary: appeal to clients who transfer their a / c salary to other banks immediately on credit
a. To ensure that these customers are engaged and brought back to the fold of the bank
b. To cross-sell loan products with other banks for which such a transfer may take place
vs. To sell investments to these clients through which they will tend to maintain balances
Appeal to high-value attrition:
a. Customers who have exceeded a certain value (as defined by product) for savings accounts and current accounts to call and the reasons determined
b. To convince clients to make us the main bankers and to make sure all funds are kept.
Improve the size of the customer portfolio
a. Make sure customers make us their main bank
I. Know where all the customer is currently banking and move them to our bank
ii. Ensure customer scope is defined and products are targeted accordingly
iii. Sales to family members and associates (all networks)
Controlling customer attrition
a. Includes client persuasion to continue and, if necessary, renew FD
b. Monitor large amount movements / account closure from deposit accounts and make sure the client does not get sad
vs. Ensure that the possible attractiveness marketing analysis list is called up and kept

B. Traditional portfolio management:

Manage benchmark no. customers in the portfolio
Extend Classic benefits to basic customer identification in eligibility / LTR lists
Ensure that individual clients are grouped together and that the client / group ratio (CTG) is maintained on the portfolio
By grouping them together with their family members who already have accounts with us
By grouping them with their family members, mail the sale of liability products to family members, if they do not have a banking relationship with us
Ensure optimal Income Generating Product Group (HPI) levels are achieved
Ensure that within each client group a stipulated minimum number of revenue-generating products are sold
Ensure that the profitability of the customer group is achieved
Manage customers in bands 1 and 2 and ensure they are moved to bands 3 and above
Improve values ​​within each client group
Online update of CRMNext at each stage of customer contact on the portfolio
Proactively elevate eligible clients to the Classic Portfolio under the Prescribed Product Product Program
Ensure that all classic clients of the portfolio are contacted
Using APT and data in CRM for effective planning and review of calls with BH / PBA (pre-call planning and post-call review)
Detailed update of the interaction to be captured in CRM, Tasks / leads to be created, profiler to be updated on the day of the interaction.

C. Realization of income plans and other references within the portfolio:

Ensure that income plans for the month and year are duly followed for all products
Achieve portfolio-level benchmarks of and IPH
Income product for sale to each group in the portfolio during the year
Ensure that monthly benchmark sales are achieved
Use of net banking / Mobile banking, Billpay, RDFD penetration benchmark to be respected
CEP to be respected according to the cycle
All customers must have a valid mobile and email address

D. Customer service:

Guarantee quality customer service
Registration of complaints according to the specified process
Resolve all complaints received (auto, branch, other units) within the stipulated deadlines
Ensure appropriate communication with clients on closures and a copy of those to be filed.
Preventive management of complaints
Asking for feedback from customers, who may not be complaining
Promote all direct banking channels and ensure the customer uses the same
Review recent customers registered on the DBC channel and give any specific help needed
Responsibility for opening the customer account within the TAT.

E. Operations:

Ensure the certification of the documentation required for the opening and maintenance of customer accounts
Error-free documentation for all account openings and all customer instructions (Stop Payments, FD Closure, etc.)
Maintain Tatkal kits according to established process
As a locker, ensure that the allocation of lockers and all other related operations are in accordance with the prescribed process
Includes management of standing instructions
Delivery of a daily e-planning indicating sales made by third parties
CRM update for active leads generated
Update of the weed control database on the portal
Ensure KYC standards are met at all times
Ensure 5-S standards are met for individual workstations
Opening accounts in smart account mode

Skills: 1. Sales and influencing skills
2. Knowledge of banking products and processes
3. Knowledge of NRI products and regulations
4. Planning and organizational skills
5. Communication
6. Knowledge of the competition and current trends in the financial industry.

Expected salary:

Location: Nokha, Rajasthan

Job date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 03:28:27 GMT

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