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Senior Consultant-Technology Management,SeMT, West Bengal

Job title: Senior Consultant-Technology Management,SeMT, West Bengal

Company: National Institute for Smart Government

Job description: Roles and responsibilities

Requirement details

Job Title / Description:

Senior Technology Management Consultant, SeMT, West Bengal

Type of employment:

Full time, temporary / contractual

Job description:

Objective of the work

The objective of this position is to assist the state government on technological issues related to basic infrastructure, MMPs and other e-governance projects.

Primary responsibilities

Design and architecture

  • In coordination with NeGD’s technology department, help the state government define standards for application architecture, database design, infrastructure development and deployment
  • Assist state departments in technology selection, holding department staff from requirements to implementation.
  • Study the state of the state’s IT infrastructure and help the state government put in place a robust IT infrastructure to support the deployment of e-governance projects
  • Analyze existing / proposed strategic control, cybersecurity, disaster recovery and business continuity projects
  • Ensure that individual project level initiatives are interoperable, standardized, scalable and secure across various areas of software, hardware and infrastructure
  • Collaborate with PeMTs and help them adhere to technical / architecture / product and strategic control standards, specifications for e-governance projects
  • Ensure the use of the common infrastructure being put in place under the NeGP for the implementation of projects at the State level
  • Work in emerging technologies / fields such as AI, blockchain, IoT, Big Data, data analytics, augmented and virtual reality, etc. for State projects and to strengthen State / UT capacities in these areas
  • Support the implementation of various MMPs and NeGP components in the State and provide inputs to the NeGD
  • Support the progress of NeGP and state-to-state initiatives and highlight issues / slippages to higher authorities
  • Identify the critical success factors for the implementation of e-Governance projects in the State.
  • Develop and establish an appropriate program monitoring framework for the State under the leadership of the NeGD
  • Ensure that the various e-governance projects under development are in alignment with the general objectives of the NeGP
  • Assist in the procurement of material / services required for various e-governance projects
  • Help prepare frameworks and models using standardized tools
  • Help the state government to identify new e-governance projects
  • Provide assistance and expertise for e-governance related training

Technical assessment

  • Consulting experience in the design, development and execution of large-scale IT infrastructure and application development projects.
  • Strong documentation skills in relation to business process reengineering, preparation of IT plans, DPR, EoI, RFP, FRS, SRS, etc.
  • Knowledge of emerging technologies such as Block chain, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Define and deploy IT policies and processes related to IT infrastructure and end-user IT devices
  • Able to create high quality, user-understandable documentation, prepare project progress reports, MIS reports, etc.
  • Experience related to management / coordination with various stakeholders.
  • Experience working in government / PSU setup.


  • Assist the State / UT in the technical assessments of proposals from external agencies related to the implementation of various e-governance initiatives
  • Assist the State / UT in price negotiations related to the supply of IT goods
  • Monitoring support / assisting in setting up an appropriate state level IT network / infrastructure monitoring system
  • Help develop capacities in the areas of preparation of the scope of work, carrying out cost-benefit analyzes among various technological and policy options, preparation of tenders, selection of implementing agencies , management and optimal operation of executing agencies and technical support to maximize benefits.
  • All interdependencies, overlaps, conflicts, standards, overall architecture, interoperability, security, legal aspects, etc. between the projects as well as the basic and support infrastructure shared between several projects would fall under the competence of this team. The team will work under the State IT department but will provide support to all departments in the implementation of in State / UT IT projects related to various projects under Digital India.
  • Ensure that the requirements of state departments in areas such as the preparation of EoI / RFP / Contracts / PPP and other related matters are duly taken into account.
  • Formulate program management strategies in consultation with state IT department / IT company / external consultants.
  • Support the state government in the deployment of awareness and communication efforts under the NeGP
  • In addition to the above main responsibilities, the incumbent may be assigned any other duties from time to time by the Secretary of State for Informatics / Head of Nodal Agency / Head of SeMT

Experience and essential criteria

BE / B.Tech / MCA

  • Over 10 years of experience in IT projects, software development, security management in IT projects
  • Preferred industry certifications such as PMP, PMI, Prince 2, etc. are desirable
  • 3 to 5 years of experience managing a full lifecycle of large-scale IT / e-governance projects

For more details on ongoing e-governance projects, please visit the following State and NeGD website



The National Institute for Smart Government (NISG) assists central and state governments in e-governance initiatives to improve services to citizens, businesses and all segments of society.


Other details

Expected salary:

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Job date: Sat, 30 Oct 2021 07:50:38 GMT

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