Saturday, January 22

The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time (Everything®)

Price: ₹165.78
(as of Oct 02,2021 16:39:54 UTC – Details)

Orderdas beste Bier at Oktoberfest!
Hitch a ride on der Autobahn!
Say "Wilkommen" to your neuen deutschen Freunde!
Learning to sprechen Sie Deutsches is fun and far easier than you might think. With this guide, you will make sense of this fascinating language in no time.

This practical, hands-on Buch comes with easy-to-understand lessons, useful exercises, and embedded audio for pronunciation help. Building on the German language's close relation to English, this eBook includes everything from basic introductions to verb conversions. You will learn to:

  • Order food with ease.
  • Ask how much items cost.
  • Understand direct and indirect objects.
  • Use superlatives to communicate more effectively.
  • Know when to use passive voice.

Also, this eBook is enhanced with audio icons throughout which allow you to hear correct pronunciation or participate in various exercises so you can perfect your German pronunciation and understanding with ease!

Whether you want to sample das stoutest Lager or converse with your grandparents in their native tongue, you'll soon discover just how easy it is to learn German!

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