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In this Video, We shall discuss Time and Work in maths for bank exams and Compound Interest Tricks and Shortcuts along with Basic Concept in maths (quantitative aptitude) section in bank exams with complete Maths Strategy for bank exam preparation for beginners. In our Foundation Batch, we cover how to prepare for bank exams for beginners and banking exams complete syllabus and help you improve your preparation from scratch with our bank exam preparation videos.
This Adda247 Foundation Batch is helpful for all banking exam preparation i.e SBI Clerk, SBI PO, RBI Assistant, LIC Assistant, IBPS PO, Clerk, and RRB PO & Clerk.
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Adda247 New Live Classes Schedule:

5:00 AM – Morning With Maths Trick
6:00 AM – Reasoning Foundation Class
7:00 AM – Current Affairs 2020
8:00 AM – The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary
8:30 AM – The English Speaking Show
9:00 AM – Zero To Hero: Maths Banking Classes
10:00 AM – Zero To Hero: English Banking Classes
11:00 AM – Zero To Hero: Reasoning Banking Classes
12:00 PM – Rapid Fire MCQ: General Awareness
1:00 PM – CCC Special Computer Classes
2:00 PM – Bankers Babu: Maths Class
3:00 PM – Bankers Babu: English Class
4:00 PM – Bankers Babu: Reasoning Class
5:00 PM – Target IBPS 2020 – English (in English)
6:00 PM – Target IBPS 2020 – Reasoning (in English)
7:00 PM – Target IBPS 2020 – Maths (in English)
7:00 PM – JAIIB 2020 Video Lectures
8:00 PM – Lets Play With Maths
9:00 PM – Lets Play With English
10:00 PM – Lets Play With Reasoning
11:00 PM – Night Riders Maths Classes

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